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    Computer Hardware

    Considering all the Internet malware and viruses running rampant on the Internet, computer hardware problems are generally less common than software problems.  While there a lot less variables to consider when troubleshooting PC hardware issues, the trick is to have a systematic method of eliminating possibilities before you start buying replacement parts. GainTech Computers is extremely efficient at computer hardware troubleshooting and repair, saving you time and money.

    A brief description of basic computer hardware:

    A typical personal computer consists of a case or chassis in a tower shape (desktop) and the following parts:

    Motherboard - is the "body" or mainframe of the computer, through which all other components interface. Including CPU, RAM, Firmware, Internal Buses and external Bus Controllers

    Power supply - a device that changes 110V-120V AC (wall outlet) power to DC power that the rest of the computer uses.

    Storage controllers - for hard disk, CD-ROM and other drives like internal Zip and Jaz

    Video display controller - Produces the output for the visual display unit.

    Removable media devices - such as cds, dvds, floppy disks, zip drives, usb flash drives, tape drives

    Internal storage - Hardware that keeps data inside the computer for later use and remains persistent even when the computer has no power. E.g. hard disk, solid-state drive, disk array controllers.

    Sound card - Enables the computer to output sound to audio devices, as well as accept input from a microphone.

    Networking - Connects the computer to the Internet and/or other computers. E.g. modems, network cards, direct cable connection.

    Input - keyboards, mouse, gaming devices, scanners, webcams, microphones

    Output - video monitors, printers or audio speakers and headsets.

    * For a more complete descriptions and information, we recommend you visit Wikipedia, the Free Internet Encyclopedia.





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